Bikram Yoga Teacher Training 5 Star Review

Amazing Health Benefits Our Students Achieved

From Just 3 Weeks Of YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training

Mr. Hesham before he came to our course, he did a quick blood test.
Completed the course, and then did another blood test after Graduation ✅⭐
Please take a moment just to look at The Healing Power Of Yoga 💪🏻🧘🏻‍♀️
The Body Reacts To How You Treat It, It is a Bio-Scientific fact that our emotions down-regulate
the genes for long-term disease.

Please Take a Look at What Our Graduates Are Saying

YogaFX 5 Star In Person Reviews

This is THE BEST yoga teacher training I’ve taken a couple trainings in the past but always felt there was something lacking. YogaFX – Mr. Ian and his entire staff has it all!

This wasn’t just a yoga teacher training, it was Life Coaching, it taught yogic living!

This was truly one of the most profound and memorable experiences of my life! So much gratitude to Mr Ian and the YogaFX family!

Miss Amanda

United States

Absolutely life-changing in every way. The instructor Mr. Ian is like no other.

When I walked in I couldn’t even touch my toes. By the time I was done I was able to execute every position position fully.

He changed my flexibility in my physique undoubtedly. There aren’t enough words to properly describe the experience. If you have the opportunity to go don’t waste it, it will change your life forever.


United States