bikram yoga teacher training

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

The First Hybrid Hot Training Approved by Yoga Alliance

Unique Hybrid (Online & Offline) Event Means do your Online Course Preparation
Then Join Our Intensive Teacher Training in Just 7 Days.

What is Bikram Hot Yoga And Why It So Popular?

Original Bikram Hot Yoga is a popular style of yoga known for its series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises practised in a heated room.

It offers unique physical benefits, such as increased flexibility and strength, mental relaxation and stress reduction.

The heat aids in deep stretching and detoxification, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a challenging and holistic yoga practice.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to kickstart your new career as an International Certified Original Bikram Hot 26 and 2 Yoga Teacher!

Yoga Instructor Course Bali

Learn From The World’s Best Yoga Teacher

Mr Ian, YogaFX Founder & Hardworker

You will learn firsthand from Mr Ian, the world renowned original Bikram Hot Yoga Master.

Mr. Ian will teach you the tips, tricks and techniques that he has learned from over 8000 Hours of teaching yoga from around the world. This include Five Extensive Yoga Teacher Trainings with Bikram Choudhury, the Bikram Yoga Guru and Founder.

Mr. Ian is the founder of YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy, which is internationally certified with Yoga Alliance and also approved by the American Council on Exercise.

bikram yoga teacher training

Upon Your Enrollment, You Will Receive

Exclusive YogaFX Pre-Course Preparation

Once the Online Pre-Course Preparation has been completed you will be fully prepared, confident, and excited to join us in Bali for 14 nights and 15 days.

bikram yoga teacher training precourse preparation

The Full Standing Series and Complete Dialogue

Full Standing Series Workbook from Head to Toe to assist you with your dialogue preparation, confidence building, and memory techniques.

4 Premium Online Yoga Lectures

Series consisting of over 50+ World Class Yoga Teacher Training Lectures. These lectures also include Yoga Anatomy, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, plus many many more.

Our 2 Weeks Bikram Yoga Training Will Be Intensive, Exciting, and Dynamic.

This is a Real Game Changer for you, as you will reduce the amount of time that you need to be away from your job, family, and loved ones.

Is Hot Yoga Good for You

Teaching Real Yoga Students

Two Yoga Classes every day with real yoga students. At the same time getting detailed knowledge of yoga class set up. Such as:

  • Bikram Pranayama
  • Bikram Opening series
  • Bikram Standing series
  • Bikram Spine Strengthening
  • Floor series and closing sequence.
YogaFX Bikram FAQs

Comprehensive Yoga Lecture

Extensive Yoga Posture Clinics include the detailed methodology of Anatomy Physiology and Posture Alignment of the Worlds-Most-Popular Yoga sequences.

Posture Clinics are real opportunities for you to TEACH YOUR FIRST CLASS with a room full of students. What a great opportunity to break the ice!

Free Yoga Certification Online

Complete Dialogue Sequence

Comprehensive Yoga Class Teaching Dialogue Keywords; knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it.

Also, you will know how to enter the posture, demonstrate and exit the posture in a safe controlled methodical. It’s important knowledge for your yoga teaching career.

bikram yoga teacher training lecture

Join The Real Community of Yoga Professional

Upon completion of your course, you will graduate with 3 International Yoga Teacher Certification

🏅 Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hours Certification
🏅 Bikram Hot Yoga Certification
🏅 American Council of Exercise Certification

Watch a sneak peek behind the scenes at our YogaFX Fantastic Graduation Day in 30 sec video.

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Course Inclusions

You really will be amazed how quickly you will gain confidence and master your Dialogue during our Original Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher Training.

YogaFX Lifetime Yoga Manual E-Book

This exceptional, comprehensive 250-page manual carefully crafted to include. Topics in our YogaFX Lifetime Yoga Manual includes:

  • The importance of yoga
  • External, internal yoga
  • Obstacles of yoga sadhana
  • The divine power of the mudras
  • Seven chakra energy centers
  • Acupressure and much much more
bikram yoga teaching class
bikram yoga workbook

YogaFX Teacher Training Posture Clinic Workbook.

This workbook is one of the two bikram yoga training that you will put in your bag and take everywhere with you during your stay.

This YogaFX at-a-glance quick reference guide is for taking to your class and posture clinics. It will help and detail alignments, adjustments, and posture benefits.

YogaFX 26 and 2 Bikram Yoga Keyword Dialogue

The second of your constant yoga course companions is YogaFX Yoga Class Keyword Dialogue, which includes the 20 most important yoga teaching keywords. It will always be on hand to offer yoga class dialogue keywords just when you need them.

This YogaFX Yoga Class Keyword Dialogue guide offers complete, comprehensive, and detailed posture dialogue for a 45-minute, 60-minute, and up to a 90-minute yoga class.

Bikram Yoga Script

What Do YogaFX Students Say? 5 STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

bikram yoga teacher training - YogaFX
bikram yoga teacher training - YogaFX
bikram yoga teacher training - YogaFX

Well-Trained, Professional, and Certified RYT 200 Hour Original 26 and 2 Bikram Hot Yoga Teachers
are very much in demand now and will be in the future.

Bikram Yoga Teaching Lifestyle

Bikram Yoga Certification Inclusions:

  • Bikram Yoga Posture Clinics
  • Two Bikram Classes Every Day
  • YogaFX Class Sport Bag & T-Shirt
  • 26 and 2 Yoga Dialogue Mentoring
  • 3 International Yoga Teaching Certifications
  • Exclusive YogaFX Pre-Course Preparation Preview
  • 26 and 2 Bikram Yoga Dialogue Portable Companion
  • Plus More….

Express Your Interest To Become a Bikram Yoga Teacher

  • Save Time & Money
  • Once In Lifetime Opportunity
  • Dynamic Interactive Lectures
  • Real Bikram Teaching Experience
  • International Bikram Hot Yoga Opportunities
  • This Is Your Time ✅ 
bikram yoga teacher training
Online Yoga Philosophy Course
What Are the Standards to Host and Lead a Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training?

To host and lead a Yoga Alliance approved teacher training, you must adhere to the organization’s rigorous standards.

This includes having experienced and qualified lead trainers who meet the required teaching experience and educational background.

Additionally, the training must cover essential topics such as yoga techniques, training and practice, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle.

At Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, we ensure our programs meet these standards, providing a comprehensive curriculum that supports the holistic development of our participants.

What Are the Minimum Hours and Categories Needed for Approval by Yoga Alliance?

To be approved by Yoga Alliance, a teacher training program must include a minimum of 200 hours of instruction, divided into specific categories:

  • Techniques, Training, and Practice: Minimum of 100 hours.
  • Teaching Methodology: Minimum of 25 hours.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Minimum of 20 hours.
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle: Minimum of 30 hours.
  • Practicum: Minimum of 10 hours. Our Bikram Yoga Teacher Training program is designed to meet and exceed these requirements, ensuring a well-rounded education for all trainees.
  • Application Fee: $50
  • Annual/Renewal Dues: $65
  • TOTAL Initial Registration Cost: $115 For upgrades from any other designation (including specialty designations RCYT and RPYT), the upgrade fee is $50. At Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, we ensure that our program is cost-effective and provides excellent value, meeting all the necessary requirements for Yoga Alliance approval.
How Does the 7-Day Program Work and Still Get the RYT 200 Certification?

Our 7-day intensive program is part of a hybrid training approach. Prior to the in-person intensive, you will complete a comprehensive online curriculum that covers a significant portion of the required hours and foundational knowledge.

During the 7-day in-person session, we focus on practical application, hands-on training, and personalized feedback.

This combination ensures that you meet the 200-hour requirement set by Yoga Alliance and receive your RYT 200 certification upon successful completion.

Can I Have the Ability to Teach in Just 7 Days?

Yes, our program is designed to ensure that you are ready to teach upon completion.

While the 7-day in-person component is intensive, it is supported by extensive online training and preparation.

Throughout the program, you will gain the necessary skills, confidence, and practical experience to begin teaching yoga classes.

Additionally, we have found that many students who attend other teacher trainings, which are more like retreats, still struggle with basic elements such as the opening sequence.

Our focused and practical approach ensures that you leave fully equipped to lead your own classes and share the benefits of Bikram Yoga with others.

How Can I Have My Teacher Training Approved by Yoga Alliance?

To have your teacher training approved by Yoga Alliance, you must submit an application through their official website.

The application process includes providing detailed information about your training program, including the curriculum, lead trainers’ qualifications, and the breakdown of instructional hours.

At Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, we have successfully navigated this process, ensuring our program is recognized and approved by Yoga Alliance.

What Are the Fees to Get My Training Approved by Yoga Alliance?

The fees for getting your training approved by Yoga Alliance are as follows:

  • Application Fee: $50
  • Annual/Renewal Dues: $65
  • TOTAL Initial Registration Cost: $115

These fees cover the cost of the application review, approval process, and listing in the Yoga Alliance directory.

The fees are relatively small, and the return on investment can be achieved after just a few teaching sessions.

Unlike other certification bodies that require high fees and multiple levels before you can start teaching, Yoga Alliance provides a straightforward and affordable path to certification.

Being a part of Yoga Alliance also means joining a real community of yoga professionals, offering support and resources to help you succeed in your teaching career.